About TMBA


TMBA’s mission is to be committed to being a quality-focused association of real estate finance professionals that provide the best educational resources, government advocacy, and industry interaction available for building a viable, competitive, and profitable mortgage lending and servicing industry in the state of Texas.


Since 1917, members of the Texas mortgage banking community have turned to Texas Mortgage Bankers Association for its leadership in industry education, legislative initiatives and peer interaction. Today, TMBA's purpose is still to serve the mutual interests of its members in order to preserve, enhance and advance the mortgage banking and real estate finance business in the State of Texas.

In its effort to advance the Texas real estate finance industry, TMBA supports the highest professional and ethical standards of business among its members while promoting development and prosperity among the industry as a whole. TMBA members include mortgage lenders; mortgage brokers; real estate finance service providers such as title companies, private mortgage insurance companies, and other real estate insurance providers; attorneys, etc.

The association serves as the "eyes and ears" of the Texas real estate finance industry by keeping its members informed of best practices and current market developments. Additionally, TMBA assures its membership a political presence in the state legislature. The association is prepared to represent the interests of its members at any hearing on state legislation or with any regulatory agency that may affect the real estate finance business in Texas.

TMBA aims to meet the educational needs of its membership by providing up-to-date information on new publications and the development of instructional courses that expand the scope of mortgage banking. An annual seminar and convention, as well as other workshops and programs scheduled throughout the year, provide members and other attendees with a forum for sharing information and ideas with their peers throughout the state and nationwide.