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Founded in 1917, the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association has provided leadership, legislative advocacy, and education to the real estate finance industry. We promote fair and ethical lending practices among real estate finance professionals through a wide range of programs. As the oldest and largest statewide MBA, our mission is to advance Texas mortgage banking and serve the mutual interests of our members who support Texas' annual $100-plus billion mortgage market.

Doing Business in Texas
Doing Business in Texas

The Texas Mortgage Bankers Association ("TMBA") is a voluntary trade association comprised of more than 700 corporate and individual members engaged in various facets of mortgage lending activities in Texas. TMBA does not provide legal opinions or give legal advice to its members or others. Rather, it suggests that any company or individual seeking to conduct mortgage lending in Texas consult with legal counsel with respect to state and federal law provisions governing mortgage lending.

There are some general questions frequently posed by non-Texas mortgage lenders considering conducting business in Texas. This portion of our website, while not intended to provide legal advice for any potential lender, offers answers to frequently asked questions. These answers are intentionally brief and may not fully respond to the questions of every mortgage lender. That is why more complete responses should be sought from legal counsel.


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