Endowment Scholarship

Endowment Scholarship


The TMBA Board established an Education Endowment Fund in 2012 which provides scholarships to individual TMBA members, such as yourself, who might be eligible and wish to apply it toward a relevant mortgage banking-related program.  For more details, please review the TMBA Endowment Scholarship Packet.

The deadline to submit your application for the three scholarship amounts below is Friday, May 2, 2025. You may be eligible to for the following amounts: 

  • $2,500
  • $1,500
  • $500

To apply, please review the TMBA Endowment Scholarship Packet and send your written application to the TMBA office no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, May 2nd, 2025 to Kerry Hall, Director of Operations for TMBA:  info@texasmba.org.
You MUST provide an additional copy of the required documentation (Page 4, Sec 8. How to apply) in a redacted format, removing all references to your name and other personally identifiable information. 

Note: failure to remove all such information will disqualify you from eligibility.

Want to learn more about our endowment scholarships? Here is our webinar featuring several of our recipients: