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TMBA is a quality focused association of real estate finance professionals. We pride ourselves on our legislative and regulatory advocacy, industry networking opportunities and best in class industry education. We can assist you in building and maintaining a viable, competitive and profitable business in the state of Texas. 

What our members had to say when asked abou the value of TMBA .

“TMBA is the single best networking organization for growing my business in Texas. Where else could I possible go and be able to interact with hundreds of Texas mortgage professionals at once.” Gary H.

“TMBA events are by far the best attended. It is an incredibly effective use of time. Just by showing up you are virtually guaranteed to get plugged in with a group that shares your primary interests. It’s almost impossible to come away from a TMBA event without meeting important new contacts.” Scott H.

“TMBA is very educational and keeps me on the pulse of what we are doing with mortgage here in Texas.” Shawn W.

“TMBA has been an invaluable network builder and relationship builder that has also provided opportunities to learn more about the industry and legislative matters relevant to our industry.” Haley M.

“At TMBA events I get to meet with my own customers and also develop new friendships and business acquaintances.” Vicky V.

Member benefits include:

  • Exclusive member rates for all of our three annual conferences, providing peer/industry networking opportunities and valuable educational content.
  • Complimentary monthly webinars
  • The opportunity to get involved and help with our regulatory and legislative advocacy, including weekly legislative reports during the Texas legislative sessions.
  • Exclusive access to both printed and online membership directories.
  • The opportunity to participate in a leadership role within the association, elevate your industry networking, and become involved in issues affecting the Texas mortgage industry.
  • Exclusive access to career enhancing professional enrichment programs and scholarship opportunities.
  • Membership is corporate

    All employees of a member company are considered members and will receive the exclusive member rate on all TMBA events, complimentary monthly webinars, and all of the other benefits listed above.

    Membership categories & dues: 

  • Regular Members:  Regular members include both residential and commercial mortgage bankers. Regular member dues range from $500 to $3,500.
  • Associate Members:  Associate members include all mortgage banking service providers. Dues for Associate membership is $1,500 annually.
  • Affiliate Members:  Affiliate members are limited to out-of-state companies with limited operations within the state that do not want to become either a Regular Member or Associate Member. Affiliate membership is $1000 annually.